Establishing the open Web as a basic right and a public good.

We use original research, advocacy and public action to shape the policies and products we need for the web we want. Decisions made by governments and businesses have far-reaching effects on who can access the web and use it to improve their lives. Influencing relevant policies, rules and regulations for the better brings us closer to a world where everyone has affordable, meaningful access to a web that improves their lives and where their rights are protected.

Our approach

  • Generating evidence: Everything we do is grounded in research and data. Our research team uncovers evidence and understanding of issues at the heart of digital inequalities.
  • Developing solutions: We develop solutions to the biggest tech challenges facing our societies, informed through consultation with technology experts, companies, policymakers, civil society leaders, and diverse groups of people across the world.
  • Building alliances: Beyond our team of 30, we scale the impact of our work through the power of the alliances and networks we build.
  • Catalysing action: We work constructively with government and industry decision makers to shape policies and practices, and advocate for their adoption alongside our partners. And when needed, we mobilize the public to add pressure for these decision makers to take bold action.

Below you can see a full list of our current and past projects.