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August 31, 2015

This paper is final of four in our second phase of research on Open Data in Developing Countries. These projects show the social, political and legal sides of open data that are too oftenRead more

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As a part of the Open Data for Development group, the Open Data Research Network undertook reach on open data across the Global South. In the first phase of this project, over a hundred researchers from the Global South developed 17 qualitative case studies with findings that spanned 13 countries, from Indonesia to Brazil. The Web Foundation subsequently produced a report that synthesised these case studies. Now, we're focused on building on these results through our Open Data in Developing Countries work, exploring demand- and use-driven approaches to scaling open data across developing countries, and informing the future set-up of more Open Data Labs.
The idea of making data ‘open by default’ challenges entrenched cultures of state secrecy and calls for data to be treated as a public resource: available to support citizen participation, to improve the delivery of public services and as an input into innovation and enterprise.Open Data in Developing Countries, Emerging Insights from Phase I

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