Tackling Online Gender-Based Violence and Abuse

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As the Covid-19 pandemic has driven more of our lives online, women and girls continue to experience increased forms of online gender-based violence, racist and sexist abuse, doxxing, and other harms that can violate their rights to free expression, non-discrimination, privacy, and the right to live free from violence. Women from marginalised communities including LGBTQ+ people, women of colour, and Black women in particular, are often disproportionately targeted with online abuse, which risks further silencing their voices online.The Web Foundation is convening a series of four consultations that brings together tech companies, civil society organisations, digital rights experts and women in public life from around the world to engage in constructive dialogues on how to solve online gender-based violence and abuse. Following the consultations, the Web Foundation will host a first-of-its-kind series of policy design workshops to provide a space for participants and tech companies to co-create solutions to online gender-based violence using an innovative, human-centered approach.