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As technological innovation races ahead and internet access increasingly becomes a prerequisite for full participation in modern society, half of the world’s population is still offline. A4AI is working to close this digital divide by creating the policy environment needed for prices to drop and billions more around the world to afford access. The Web Foundation (which serves as the Secretariat for the Alliance) and the 80+ member organisations of A4AI are united in this goal, and are working to see prices reduced to a “1 for 2” target, where 1GB of mobile data is available for 2% or less of a citizen’s average monthly income.  To learn more about A4AI, its members, and its work, please visit
Affordable internet is the bridge across the digital divide, and is critical to human rights to development, and to social justice. Our collective challenge is to ensure that all of the people are free and able to access all of the internet affordably, all of the time.Nnenna Nwakanma, Web Foundation Africa Regional Coordinator

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