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Costs Of Exclusion: South Asia Report

June 28, 2022

This report closes a three-part series on the economic consequences of the digital gender gap, the Costs of Exclusion. From this series, we have discovered that the costs are not just personal or economic — women’s exclusion has financial and societal implications for us all that should compel governments, businesses, or other stakeholders to act.

In this report, we highlight five policy interventions from across Asia to illustrate that action is possible. Our research documents the successes of the early adopters and describes the untapped potential in closing the digital gender gap. The REACT policy framework has been a guiding resource in this direction.  

Policymakers should:

  • Protect and enhance everyone’s rights online.
  • Use education to equip everyone – especially women – with the skills they need to access and use the web.
  • Deliver affordable – or free – access to an open web.
  • Ensure relevant and empowering content for women is available and used.
  • Set and measure concrete gender equity targets.

With economic imperative and a wide range of policy options, policymakers can — and must — act to accelerate women’s connectivity.