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Statement: reaching the 50/50 moment

Web Foundation · December 7, 2018

The International Telecoms Union (ITU) has published its 2018 global and regional ICT estimates, showing that for the first time, more than half of the world’s population is using the internet. The ITU estimates that by the end of 2018, 51.2 per cent, or 3.9 billion people, will be using the Internet. The puts the 50/50 moment ahead of previous May 2019 predictions.

Adrian Lovett, Web Foundation President & CEO said:

“Today the UN International Telecoms Union released revised figures showing that more than half the world will be online by end of this year. Because of the World Wide Web, billions of us are connecting and collaborating online to make our lives better. But the rate of new people connecting is still slowing and now more than ever we need everyone — governments, companies and citizens — to work together to get everyone connected to a web worth having.

“That’s why the Web Foundation, together with 170 organisations, has launched a new Contract for the Web to build the web we want. We need to put this cause at the top of the global agenda, and we welcome organisations and citizens to join us in this effort.”

To learn more about the Contract for the Web and to give your support, visit:


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  1. Akter Ul Alam

    September 18, 2019

    Happy to see such growth, have seen evolving transformation from 1G


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