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Join the Web Foundation at re:publica to demand digital equality

Web Foundation · May 8, 2017

This Wednesday at re:publica we’ll be discussing digital inequality and how we make sure the open web serves as a force for inclusion.

Social, economic and cultural disparities are accelerating and being exacerbated by the digital divide. From applying for a job and accessing financial services, to seeking information and engaging with government, examples of the the web’s advantages abound. Those equipped with 21st century skills are not one, but many steps ahead. Web Foundation research found that unless wealthy countries step up their game and address the connectivity gap, the developing world will have to wait until 2042 for widespread internet access.

What’s more, we know this the divide disproportionately affects those groups which are already marginalised and at risk of being left behind in today’s economy. For example, our research found that women in poor, urban communities are 50 per cent less likely to be online than men — a gender digital divide that looks to be getting worse.

How do we make sure everyone has access to the web we want for a more equal world?

Join us for a discussion at re:publica as we outline this vision alongside key partners from Mozilla Foundation, NetCommons and Epicentre, an EDRI member!

When: Wednesday, 10 May from 10:00 – 11:00am local time
Where: re:publica Berlin, Stage 4
What: We will address the various forms inequality manifests across four main policy areas, with a focus on community solutions that will work at the local level:

  • Net neutrality
  • Digital literacy
  • Gender equality
  • Access to affordable and diverse content

We will explore how we can include more and include better, so the power of the web is really for everyone, particularly for those who have historically been marginalised for economic, social and technological reasons. We will also look at examples of proactive initiatives that are enabling a shared digital commons, driven by sustainable community efforts on the ground.

Even if you’re not at re:publica, you can join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #DigitalEqualityIs.

Follow @webfoundation on twitter for updates live from the conference and session.

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