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Global innovators discuss digital inequalities

Web Foundation · May 9, 2017

Web Foundation meets the Global Innovation Gathering at re:publica

Alongside the re:publica conference in Berlin this week, the Web Foundation is hosting a policy dialogue in partnership with the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) — an innovation hub founded at re:publica — to speak with digital leaders about the issues facing their communities and how we can best target our work to address digital inequality.

The Web Foundation recently launched a new strategy to advance Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of a world of where everyone has access to the web and can use it to improve their lives. This is one of the many dialogues we are having around the world to help prioritise our efforts and increase our impact on the ground.

At this event, we will host 45 digital innovators from over 20 countries — almost half of them women — for an interactive discussion on the critical debates of our time and how they impact digital equality:

  • Algorithmic accountability
  • Impact and ethics of artificial intelligence
  • Personal control of personal data
  • Net neutrality

With the passion of social innovators and fresh insights from our policy team, we’re really looking forward to a strong and provocative dialogue is looking. We will share the insights and themes of our discussion here, and on Twitter at #GiGWF, in the days following the event, so watch this space!


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