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Adrian Lovett to move on after 5 years as Web Foundation President & CEO

Web Foundation · February 24, 2022

Web Foundation President & CEO Adrian Lovett will be leaving the organisation at the end of March after five highly successful years in post.

Web Foundation Board Chair Tom Jenkins said: “We are sorry to see Adrian go. Over the past five years the organisation has made significant steps forward in its efforts to bring the web to the whole world and to influence change in line with our vision for a better web. We wish Adrian well in the future.

Adrian said: “While it is time for me to take on a new challenge, I’ve been proud to serve the Web Foundation as CEO and will leave with sadness. We have achieved a great deal together and I know the talent and commitment in this team will carry the organisation forward in the years ahead, in the vital struggle for a web that really does work for everyone.”

Josema Alonso, Director of Strategy and Operations will be stepping in as interim CEO during the search for Adrian’s successor.

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