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Photo by Belinda Lawley (CC-BY-2.0)

Photo by Belinda Lawley (CC-BY-2.0)

What’s your web story?

Web Foundation · November 22, 2018

This post was written by Nnenna Nwakanma, Web Foundation Interim Policy Director.

I spent the first three months of my life without a name. Nobody wanted to give me one because I was a girl. Today I have my name as a web address. The web has given me a name. It has also given me a way to learn and a living. That’s why I introduce myself as ‘Nnenna from the internet’.

That’s my web story. What’s yours?

As part of our #ForTheWeb campaign, we’re asking people to share their web stories. So, how do you use the web? How has it changed your life? What is your hope for its future?

Can you film a short video telling the world why you’re #ForTheWeb?

We want to hear about the good and the bad, in many languages, and from as many people as possible. You can share your story on social media using the hashtag #ForTheWeb. Or, if you don’t use social media, you can leave your story as a comment below, or email to

On the web’s 30th birthday in March 2019, we’ll be releasing a film that tells a wider story about how central the web is to our daily lives and why it’s worth fighting for.

Tell us your story today to help us write ours. Why are you #ForTheWeb?

You can sign up to support the #ForTheWeb campaign at

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