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Web Foundation urges Turkish authorities to restore access to Wikipedia

Web Foundation · May 1, 2017

On April 29, all language editions of Wikipedia were blocked by the government in Turkey, interfering with the right to information for millions. Turkey’s Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) claims this ban was made as part of a “protection measure,” citing Wikipedia’s refusal to remove content that alleged the country had links to terrorist groups. This move follows the closure of scores of independent news outlets and civil society groups, making it the Turkish government’s latest attempt to crack down on dissent.


José Alonso, Director, Digital Citizenship at Web Foundation, responded to the move saying:

“We support the Wikimedia Foundation and over 100,000 Turkish citizens who have signed a petition urging Turkish authorities to restore access to Wikipedia. Access to information online is a basic right, and crucial to creating a more equal world for everyone”.



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  1. Oz

    May 2, 2017

    People in Turkey or other countries with Wiki blocking going on: use


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