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© Photo courtesy of Julia Reda

© Photo courtesy of Julia Reda

Net Neutrality Fails to Load: Web Foundation Response to Today’s EU Vote

Web Foundation · October 27, 2015

Today, the European parliament voted against key amendments to a Regulation which could have guaranteed net neutrality in the European Union. Loopholes in the rules as passed now mean we could see the introduction of paid fast-lanes for Internet traffic.

Anne Jellema, CEO of the Web Foundation comments:  

“Today, Europe took a giant step away from its vision of becoming a world leader in the digital economy. These weak and unclear net neutrality regulations threaten innovation and free speech. Now, European start-ups may have to compete on an uneven playing field against industry titans, while small civil society groups risk having their voices overwhelmed by well-funded giants.

“However, all is not lost. The European Parliament is essentially tossing a hot potato to the Body of European Regulators, national regulators and the courts, who will have to decide how these spectacularly unclear rules will be implemented. The onus is now on these groups to heed the call of hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens and prevent a two-speed Internet.  

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