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Workshop Report: Data Revolution in Africa

Web Foundation · May 27, 2015

Following on from our update from the Regional Agenda Setting workshop in Addis Ababa, here is our extended workshop report, outlining our open data roadmap in Africa. We’re excited that open data is becoming a critical element of the Africa Data Consensus and is already being discussed in the Implementation Roadmap meetings in Lagos and OGP Regional Civil Society meetings. Some of the key requirements identified in order for open data to have a transformative impact in Africa include the need for political goodwill, the role of intermediaries and moving beyond open data portals to understanding the real use and impact and use of open data.  Building on this, we will be rolling out our Africa research and architecture for the Open Data Labs Africa by the end of June 2015. Thanks to all those who were a part of this in Addis and beyond. If you have comments or questions, please contact our Open Data Research Lead — Savita Bailur.

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