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Lawyer and human rights activist joins the World Wide Web Foundation

Web Foundation · February 3, 2014

Renata Avila has joined World Wide Web Foundation’s growing international network, ahead of celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the Web.  A lawyer and a human rights activist, Avila joins the organisation as Global Campaigns Manager. Avila will help drive forward the ‘Web We Want’ campaign to engage millions of people across the world to set a positive agenda for internet users, and the future of the Web.

Avila is a widely respected advocate for freedom of expression, privacy, digital rights, access to knowledge and respect for indigenous rights. She is a Board Member of Creative Commons and a contributing writer for Global Voices Online, Global Voices Advocacy, the Open Net Initiative and other international publications. Avila actively promotes the involvement of girls and women in technology and is interested in the improvement of societies through access to knowledge, the sharing of differences and acceptance of plural visions. She is also a researcher for the Cyber Stewards Network.

Launched by Sir Tim Berners-Lee at a UN gathering in Geneva, the Web We Want campaign will use the Web’s 25th anniversary as a springboard to educate, entertain and influence millions around the globe, all with the aim of securing a free and open Web for generations to come.

Commenting on the appointment, Anne Jellema, CEO of the World Wide Web Foundation said:

“Renata brings a passion, political vision and broad global perspective that will be invaluable to World Wide Web Foundation’s work, and the skills she has gained from nurturing other national and global causes will be critical to the success of the Web We Want campaign.’

Renata Avila, Global Campaigns Manager for the Web We Want campaign said:

‘This year, the Web We Want campaign will seek to ask everyone, everywhere to play a part in defining the internet’s future, and then help to build and defend it. Ultimately, the Web We Want campaign hopes to defend the rights of internet users and enforce the human rights framework, which protects every individual. I am pleased to be working with the team at the World Wide Web Foundation to help engage millions around the world to create a positive agenda for the internet, provide a defence of internet users’ rights and to help bring about the possibility of real change at a national level and international level.’

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