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Impressions of Burkina Faso, Through Pictures and Video

Web Foundation · April 6, 2010

Mobile, laptop, computers in Burkina FasoThough most of photos and videos from Burkina Faso in this post are strongly related to our Web Alliance for Regreening in Africa project, I want to share these reflections on this country, its people and its potential.

The work to the right is by the artist, Kabré, who does custom painting outside of our hotel in Ouagadougou. I asked him to illustrate the use of mobile phones, laptops and computers in his country. I also asked that the panel on the left be a farmer talking on his mobile phone. My French must be even worse than I thought, because he painted a tourist.  This cool work is now hanging in Boston office.

Below are a few of my favorite videos and photos (not yet posted) from the trip, taken from a larger collection of videos and  a larger collection of Burkina pics.  The last video below is a funny episode while touring through my temporary apartment-like hotel room, in Ouagadougou.  Enjoy …

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