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Web Foundation, Tim, Steve Featured on CNN Segment

Web Foundation · March 31, 2010

CNN producer Jason Sanchez interviewed Tim Berners-Lee and me for a segment on their show called “Conscious Capitalism”.  Have a look…

If the player does not work well for you, go directly to video on the CNN site.

Tim was interviewed in the MIT Stata Center’s interesting Kiva Conference Room.  My interview took place in the Web Foundation offices in downtown Boston.  Close to 1.5 hours of video was taped. They used some still images and  video that I took on my trip to Burkina Faso last month as we kicked-off the Web-alliance for Regreening in Africa project.

What do you think of this segment?  Does it convey what you think we are trying to do — or should be trying to do — at the Web Foundation.

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