Our Impact

Since it was founded in 2008, the Web Foundation has been fighting to ensure more people have access to the web and can use it to improve their lives.

Explore our current and past projects to see how we’re working to advance the open web as a public good and a basic right.

In recent months, we’ve done this by:

  • Making the internet affordable. We have set a new standard for global internet affordability. Our Alliance for Affordable Internet initiative defined a new, ambitious benchmark for what counts as ‘affordable’ internet – 1GB of data for <2% of income – that’s been endorsed by regional groupings, country governments and business experts alike.
  • Driving innovation with open data. We have pioneered innovative local solutions using open data to tackle real-world challenges. One example is TechMousso, a challenge which brought together 100+ civil society leaders, policy makers and technologists in Cote d’Ivoire to build tools with gender data. Meanwhile, our Open Data Lab in Jakarta helped anti-corruption watchdog GeRAK use open data to change mining policy.
  • Keeping the internet neutral. Working closely with partners, we contributed to a key consultation on net neutrality in Europe, and called on citizens to do the same. The result? Half a million people demanded regulators protect the open internet – and they listened, issuing strong guidelines protecting net neutrality. We’re currently engaged in net neutrality debates in India, Nigeria and the United States.
  • Closing the online gender gap. We’ve published groundbreaking research exploring the extent and causes of the digital gender divide, and now work with local organisations in 15 countries to design gender-responsive ICT policies.

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