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October 26, 2016

Our Open Data Lab produces how-to guides that outline step-by-step the different approaches used in our projects.

We hope you’ll find some valuable learnings which can be tailored to your own projects. We also welcome your feedback, so we can improve our approaches. Email us at

ProjectDescriptionGuides for download
Opening Data from the Ground Up


This is our step-by-step guide on how we worked with the education agency in Banda Aceh to open up data that was in demand by civil society, as well as how we supported civil society organisations to make use of the data to improve the quality of education in their city.


Leveraging Open Data for Greater Fiscal Transparency


This How-to Guide is intended for organisations with expertise in open data, who would like to help civil society groups strengthen their fiscal transparency work through open data. It is also intended for government agencies with established open data initiatives who want to strengthen user engagement and increase citizen participation.


Fostering Government and Civil Society Collaboration through Open Data


This guide suggests specific steps that can be taken by funding agencies, project implementers, and other stakeholders who want to promote collaboration between government and CSOs through the use of open data. This approach is particularly helpful in a context where there is prevailing distrust and animosity between the two groups, as it can ensure collaborations are based on facts, not opinions.


Accessing and Making Use of Open Health Data


This guide is written for donors, civil society organisations, governments, and other stakeholders who would like to build capacity of user groups in accessing and using open health data to improve their advocacy or development work. In some cases, user groups will be entirely new to open data. Others might have experience using health data, but are unaware of better ways to find datasets efficiently and/or struggle to make effective use of them.