This page contains a list of links to resources related to the Mobile Entrepreneurs in Ghana program.

June 2011

List of projects that were developed during the first training

Profiles and testimonials of some of our entrepreneurs

April 2011

MEA-Ghana First year report, summarizing the project between its start (March 2010) and right after the training session (March 2011)

December 2010

Mobile Innovation and Entrepreneurship, article by St├ęphane on the principles behind our mobile entrepreneurship program.

Roadshow event slides (PDF)

November 2010 is up!

October 2010

Second field visit

September 2010

The Advert for the project coordinator job in Accra (now closed). We have hired a local coordinator, Florence Toffa, in order to carry out the project tasks that take place in Accra

Mobile entrepreneurs in Africa, a presentation by Stephen Wolak (Vodafone) at OverTheAir 2010, London.

August 2010

The field report on our first visit in Accra, completing the three blog posts (first, second and third)

Operator-provided Enablers for Mobile Services, a report showing how mobile network operators and mobile entrepreneurs can work together to offer good value-added services to customers (August 2010).