“Data are the lifeblood of decision-making and the raw material for accountability.”
~ A World that Counts, UN Independent Expert Advisory Group

On Monday 24 November at 1PM EST, this page will host the livestream from an event taking place across hubs in London, Boston and Washington, DC. Speaking will be the lead author of the new report by the UN Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution, Claire Melamed.

We’ll be honing in on the actions needed to, “mobilise the data revolution for all people and the whole planet in order to monitor progress, hold governments accountable and foster sustainable development.”

Agenda (Eastern Standard Time):

1:00pm – Introduction & welcome (London, Wasington DC, Cambridge MA)

1:05pm – Presentation from Claire Melamed

1.15pm – Reflections on the Revolution: Joint response from Civil Society

1.35pm – Break-out groups in London, DC and Cambridge, and twitter chat on #datarev

2.30pm – Feedback from all three locations & online discussion

2.45pm – Panel in London responding to the feedback and taking questions

3.30pm – Close

We will be use the hashtag #datarev for Twitter discussion and a link to view the workshops remotely.

You can find Claire Malamud’s slides from the discussion below:

[slideshare id=41950723&doc=wrxvz0p4twojdo1f2iek-signature-ddc2e94c16f4b2629d3e51612819e49562dfe203d0a11d9b20fde606185c870e-poli-141124073754-conversion-gate01]