Below you’ll find Standards details, credits and other information so that you can better understand all the details of the Web Foundation website. We welcome your comments and feedback on the site functionality, structure, accessibility and presentation. Please contact us at webmaster at webfoundation dot org.


Valid XHTML 1.0 TransitionalValid CSS!US 508 Accessibility badge.Level Double-A conformance, W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0[Valid RSS]


Because of known interoperability issues, we have used CSS that does not validate with the CSS validator,¬†which you’ll see by clicking the W3C CSS validator image above.


You’ll find detailed information on our Accessibility page.


Pages and database are encoded UTF-8 (Unicode worldwide).

Language is declared as enUS.

Presentation vs content

We’ve used CSS for presentational information and restricted markup to semantics.


We’ve used an UTF-8 encoding on both form and server.

Right-to-left text

For XHTML, we’ve added dir=”rtl” to the HTML tag.


There are three issues that remain for IE6. We’ve elected to not expend the resources to solve these issues in a 9 year old browser. Instead, we encourage IE6 users to upgrade to a more standards friendly browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE 7 or 8, Opera, or Safari.

  1. 10 pixels of excess whitespace in the header.
  2. Font size in the story navigator tabs is slightly too big, causing the text to wrap and be cut off.
  3. PNG transparencies are not applied (ie, transparent areas on PNGs show up as brown).


The mobile version of the Web Foundation website prioritizes page content over menu elements with a quick search included on all pages. Remaining images have also been scaled down to decrease load time and bandwidth.

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WordPress Mobile Edition available from Crowd Favorite.

Photo Credits

A number of images have been used throughout the website where we were not able to apply photo credits directly. ie, on buttons. For these images, we’ve prepared a set of photos which includes full credits.