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Mainstreaming the citizen dimension into the Global Digital Compact

Web Foundation · June 15, 2022

This piece was written by Nnenna Nwakanma, The Web Foundation’s Chief Web Advocate.

During the United Nations General Assembly Session of 2023, the UN will host a Summit of the Future during which it will adopt  the Global Digital Compact. This compact, a global and more comprehensive format of the Web Foundation’s Contract for the Web, is an unprecedented drive to focus the global digital community towards seven key priorities for digital transformation after the pandemic.

In keeping with its leadership mandate and its support to the office of the UN Tech Envoy towards the realization of the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, the Web Foundation is not only supporting  the engagement of many actors, but is also driving a citizen dimension  in the Global Digital Compact. We have supported the Office of the Tech Envoy to mobilize voices, leaders and networks. 

Our aim is double: global engagement and diversity in perspectives. 

  • Join us to welcome Mr Amandeep Singh Gill, who was appointed UN Tech Envoy on Jun 10, 2022
  • Contribute to the Global Digital Compact by Sep 30, 2022
  • Host a consultation session with your community, your organisation or your network and encourage their contribution as well
  • Share your  photos on social media with #GlobalDigitalCompact 

Watch the video below:

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