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Save the date: Join us to launch the Tech Policy Design Lab

Web Foundation · October 7, 2021

We urgently need to work together constructively to rise above silos and find solutions to the biggest tech challenges facing our societies and make our web inclusive, safe, and empowering.

Join us virtually on 18th November for the official launch of the Tech Policy Design Lab — our effort to accelerate multi-sector collaboration between governments, companies, and civil society organizations.

Together, we will be prototyping and developing policy and product solutions at our lab to limit the worst of humanity and encourage the best online through the application of design thinking and human-centered design principles.

Find out what’s next for the Tech Policy Design Lab

Hosted by the National Science and Media Museum, as part of the Open Talk series, the event will be opened by our President and CEO Adrian Lovett, who will set out our vision of a Tech Policy Design Lab that will shape a better, fairer, safer web.

After announcing the Lab’s next topic, a panel of experts will discuss why this issue is critical to our shared digital future and what other pressing challenges we will need to address as part of the Lab.

Find out more and reserve your ticket to join on 18th November, at 18.00 GMT. 

Building on our pilot project tackling online gender based violence

We built the Lab as part of the Contract for the Web to help forge a new phase of tech policy development: where solutions are developed on the basis of sound evidence — not knee-jerk politics; where there is meaningful multi-stakeholder participation; where people’s experiences drive policy and product design; and where solutions take into account the full diversity of those who use digital tools.

Our pilot project brought together diverse groups of experts to take on the devastating rise of online abuse and harassment against women and girls, as part of our commitment to tackle digital inequality. The consultations, policy workshops and advocacy we led resulted in Facebook, Google, TikTok and Twitter — four of the world’s largest tech companies — making unprecedented commitments to tackle the abuse of women on their platforms.

To find out more about the next phase of the project, sign up to join us on 18th November, at 18.00 GMT. We hope to see you there!

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  1. Jill Lagos Shemin

    October 8, 2021

    Very keen to hear more of the functionality that the Lab will provider, and also keen to hear any discussion the Fouth Industrial Revolution within the lab's strategy. (RE: see if the team mentions the Fouth Industrial Revolution at all, and the transformation is is rapidly 'asking' of frontier markets)


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