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Tackling Covid-19 misinformation: stories from across the web

Web Foundation · September 3, 2021

People and communities across the globe are using the web to step up to the challenges of Covid-19. We’ve compiled a list of the stories we shared and received on Twitter:

  • To counter a sea of misinformation, grassroots communities have formed to win over the vaccine-sceptic. Vaccine Talk is a Facebook group with rules that promote open, respectful, evidence-based discussion — and doubters are being won over.
  • In South Africa, a group of volunteers formed Covid Comms South Africa to get accurate and useful information on Covid-19 to South Africans in a range of local languages.
  • In Brazil, Dr. Leticia Kawano-Dourado, a pulmonologist, runs an Instagram account on which she educates people about the science behind Covid-19 and the vaccines. She also shared two additional sources of trustworthy data on COVID-19 in Brazil — Rede Análise Covid-19 and Fiocruz.
  • Avi Schiffmann, one of our 2021 #WebChampions, created one of the world’s most widely-used information hubs tracking Covid-19 cases. His site has been praised by scientists and government health agencies around the globe!

Online spaces can be powerful hubs for forging meaningful connections and creating positive change — if they are designed and built right.

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