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8 top moments from the 2018 #TechWomenAfrica Summit

Web Foundation · October 18, 2018

Hundreds of Africa’s leading female voices in tech gathered in Accra last week for three days of high-level panels, lightning talks and workshops.

The Africa Summit for Women and Girls in Technology gathered over 250 industry, government, and civil society representatives from across Africa. The aim?  To devise the policy steps needed to close Africa’s growing digital gender gap and enable millions of African women and girls to benefit from access to technology and use their skills to build a better Africa for all.

Here are some of the highlights, as told by some of our delegates and partners:

  1. The Summit kicked off with Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Communications sharing how important it is for everyone to be connected in order to fully participate in the workforce:

  2. We addressed the barriers that are currently keeping women offline:

  3. The UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation reinforced our call to have more women at the table when it comes to ICT policy:

  4. Dr. Omobola Johnson, Honorary Chair of the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) and the former Minister of Communications for Nigeria, expressed the importance of closing the digital gender divide for society and the economy:

  5. A4AI celebrated its 5th birthday, and Executive Director Sonia Jorge explained that the growing gender divide was an inspiration for starting the Alliance:

  6. The last day of the Summit coincided with International Day of the Girl, and we were lucky to have the Ghana Code Club join us to talk about how learning to code has impacted their lives.

  7. And for a fun round-up of the event, watch the video Olamide Egbayelo put together:

  8. If you couldn’t make the event and want to join the discussion, follow #TechWomenAfrica or catch up on the livestream:


Thank you to all of our partners who made this event possible. The 2018 Africa Summit on Women and Girls in Technology is a collaboration between the World Wide Web Foundation, Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), Ghana Ministry of Communications, African Development Bank, Open Society Initiative for West Africa, Internet Society, Facebook, Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (Germany), Google, Swedish International Development Agency and UN Women.


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