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Join us at the International Open Data Conference

Web Foundation · September 24, 2018

This week we’re in Buenos Aires, Argentina for IODC18 — the International Open Data Conference. Taking place September 27-28, IODC brings the global open data community together to share, plan, and collaborate to make sure the future is open.

We’ll be joining innovators, activists, researchers and policymakers to learn and to share our experiences working with open data — including discussing the latest edition of our Open Data Barometer, launched last week.

Come say hello

If you’re going to be at IODC, come say hi to to our team: Ana Brandusescu (@anabmap), Michael Cañares (@mikorulez), Juan Ortiz Freuler (@juanof9), Carlos Iglesias (@carlosiglesias) and Nnenna Nwakanma (@nnenna).


Here’s where we’ll be speaking:

Thursday 28

11:00 | Open data under threat
With changing political headwinds, open data initiatives in some quarters are stalling. Join Nnenna, the ODI’s Jeni Tennison, and others to discuss how the open data movement can move forward.

11:00 | The state of open data
Ana and Miko will join this panel to discuss the State of Open Data — a research project taking stock of the progress made on open data 10 years after the movement began.

14:00 | Is open data working for women
Join Ana, Nnenna and Miko for a collaborative discussion about how open data can be better used to support women around the globe. They’ll share the results of a recent Web Foundation report: Is open data working for women in Africa?

15:00 | Open Washing
Ana and Oscar Montiel from OKI will talk about the difference between true openness and ‘open washing’ — where an institution’s claim to openness is undermined by its actions.

16:00 | Imagining the future of open data
Juan will join this session to imagine what the future of open data holds. Join him!

Friday 29

11:00 | People’s Rights and Data: The Data Empowerment Debate
As ever more of our daily actions are translated into data, we’re seeing a loss of privacy and control as these data flow to governments and private companies. Join Miko and OKI Finland’s Teemu Ropponen to talk about how we can put people back at the center of this data revolution.

11:00 | Putting open data measurements to use
Measurement matters. Not only does it quantify performance, it can change the behaviour of those being measured. Ana will join this discussion about existing open data measurement tools and how the landscape can be improved.

12:00 | The importance of data governance
Carlos will join this panel about data governance, exploring how best to improve the way governments are creating, managing, and using open data across departments and agencies.

12:00 | Open Data in the Global South
Join Miko and others from across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, who will share their experiences building open data ecosystems in the Global South. Participants will work in small groups to unpack the lessons they learned.

14:00 | Data ethics and AI: Intersecting for digital equality
Ana, Nnenna and Juan will discuss how open data and AI can be used within the framework of digital equality — and what key players can do to mitigate potential harms, implement data ethics and practice responsible data.

See the full agenda for all the IODC sessions and speakers.

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