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Web Foundation urges Nigeria to turn Digital Rights and Freedoms Bill into law

Web Foundation · July 24, 2018

The Web Foundation joined civil society efforts led by our partners at Paradigm Initiative to shape Nigeria’s Digital Rights and Freedom Bill (DRFB). This past March, the Nigerian Senate passed the Bill, which protects human rights online for internet users in Nigeria.

It has been four months since the Senate passed the Bill and the National Assembly is yet to transmit the Bill to the Presidency for the presidential assent.

Nigerians deserve a free and open web that guarantees online spaces will be rights-inclusive, so they can engage online securely and freely.

Commenting on the Bill’s transmission, Web Foundation’s Interim Policy Director, Nnenna Nwakanma, said:

“This Bill is important right now, not only for the digital rights of Nigerians, but as a signal that Nigeria intends to be a regional tech leader. We’re urging the National Assembly to put this forward to the presidency for signature as a matter of urgency so Nigerian web users can be protected in an online environment that guarantees them the same rights online as offline.”

The Web Foundation hopes the Bill will move forward swiftly so that Nigerians are ensured the protection of internet freedom and the fundamental rights of expression, assembly and association online.

The gains of a robust digital rights environment are huge, and the potential for a more robust digital economy are even greater. The Digital Rights Freedom Bill is a great step that needs to be concluded quickly.


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