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Firefighting app featured in the Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability

Web Foundation · June 14, 2018

DARU, an app designed to improve firefighting efforts in Jakarta, has been featured in the Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability.

Developed by Radya Labs with the support of the Web Foundation’s Open Data Lab Jakarta, DARU is designed to deliver crucial information and visualise rescue plans in real-time using data from the Jakarta open data portal. This gives the fire department a bird’s eye view of in-field rescue operations, so they can act quickly and effectively.

DARU’s prototype is being used by Jakarta’s Fire Department, and, in the future, the information generated by DARU will be integrated into the Jakarta Smart City service app, which aims to deliver public information to Jakarta’s citizens.

Published by FHI 360 with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Atlas features more than sixty innovations from around the world that help individuals, communities, and countries continue to survive and prosper in the face of economic volatility. We’re thrilled to see Radya Labs’ work recognised in the Atlas and we hope that other cities in Indonesia and beyond will step up an adopt similar open data technologies that improve service delivery and empower citizens.

DARU is one of three incubated projects from our “Innovating for Open Cities” initiative, a project supported by Making All Voices Count that aims to create not just “smart”, but “open cities”, using technology and data to promote people-centred urban areas.

Read our interview with Radya Labs Chief Technology Officer Puja Pramudya for more about the DARU project.

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