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See you at RightsCon!

Web Foundation · May 15, 2018

This week, we’ll be in Toronto, Canada for the seventh annual RightsCon Summit — one of the world’s leading conferences on human rights in the digital age.

We’ll join business leaders, policymakers, technologists and human rights defenders to tackle some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of human rights and digital technology.

If you’re going to be there, please join us at one of the sessions listed below, and come say hi to one of our team members: Dhanaraj Thakur (@thakurdhanaraj), Renata Avila (@avilarenata) and Teddy Woodhouse (@TeddyWoodhouse).

Not able to join in person? Follow along on Twitter at @webfoundation, @rightscon and #RightsCon.

DateTimeSessionTeam MemberLocationURL
May 15 (0 day)14:00 - 18:00Contending with the Digital Horizon: What next for social movementsTeddy Woodhouse200CLink
May 179:00 - 10:15Trading Up: What Net Neutrality Means for Small Businesses and TradeDhanaraj Thakur200CLink
May 1710:30 - 11:45Digital Access: Bridging the divide or bringing exclusion?Dhanaraj Thakur206DLink
May 1710:30 - 11:45Elections and information disorders in Latin AmericaRenata Avila205BLink
May 1713:20 - 14:20UNESCO Internet Universality indicators: to shape a free and open Internet that enables rights, empowers individuals and facilitates sustainable developmentDhanaraj Thakur201ALink
May 1714:30 - 15:45Hacking Civic Innovation: Inclusion EditionRenata Avila201BLink
May 1714:30 - 15:45What about the 'invisible' unconnected? Targeting gender digital divides
with policies and measures informed by evidence from the Global South
Dhanaraj Thakur200CLink
May 1716:00 - 16:25Mapping Digital Rights in Central America (and how to fund the work)Renata AvilaVillage Main StageLink
May 1717:15 - 18:15Harnessing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Advance Knowledge Societies and Sustainable DevelopmentDhanaraj Thakur201ALink
May 1717:15 - 18:15Can Rights Be Enforced by Crypto Protocols?Renata Avila201BLink
May 1810:30 - 11:45Biometrics in governance: next big thing or ticking time-bombRenata Avila205CLink
May 1810:30 - 11:45The Widening Digital DivideDhanaraj Thakur201BLink
May 1812:00 - 13:15Can global digital rights survive Europe's Copyright Directive?Renata Avila206DLink
May 1817:15 - 18:15Has Social Media Destroyed our Information Diets and Politics?Renata Avila203ALink

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