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8 on March 8: Global tactics for women’s access and online rights

Web Foundation · March 8, 2018

To mark International Women’s Day, we asked members of our Women’s Rights Online network to share their priorities for work to close the digital gender gap and achieve digital equality. Here’s a global snapshot of insights from across eight countries.

1. Pushing government to create a gender-responsive digital agenda in Colombia.

2. Advocating for women’s empowerment through access and digital literacy in Mozambique.

3. Enabling women to see the value of connecting in Indonesia.

4. Working with government to design programmes targeted at increasing women’s access in Nigeria.

5. Developing concrete, measurable targets for women’s internet access and use in Kenya.

6. Ensuring policies to connect women are based in a strong human rights framework in India.

7. Strengthening implementation of laws to guarantee women’s privacy and safety online in the Philippines.

8. Making sure affordability is not an obstacle to access in Ghana.



Learn more about our Women’s Rights Online network and follow #WomensRightsOnline on twitter. Thanks to all our partners for their contributions.

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