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The story of how the web began and why we must fight for its future

Web Foundation · December 6, 2017

“If we’re going to spend all this time on the internet — we should spend a proportion of that time defending it.”


When Sir Tim Berners-Lee published his proposal for the World Wide Web, he envisioned an open, universal space, where anyone could bring their ideas to life without having to ask for permission. Sir Tim’s decision to make the web free and accessible to everyone has been transformational, unleashing a wave of creativity and innovation that has changed the world., directed by Jessica Yu, tells the story of the web’s invention and Tim’s mission to ensure it remains a free and open space. As the web faces a growing number of challenges from governments and companies who seek to control it, the film asks, will we fight for the web we want or let it be taken away? is now available to watch with subtitles in French, Spanish and Indonesian Bahasa.

In 2009, Sir Tim founded the Web Foundation to fight for digital equality — a world where everyone can access the web and use it to improve their lives.


ForEveryone.Net was made possible by funding from the Ford Foundation.

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