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© US Mission Geneva, CC BY-ND 2.0

© US Mission Geneva, CC BY-ND 2.0

Shaping our digital futures | Join us at IGF 2017

Web Foundation · December 18, 2017

This week, we’re in Geneva, Switzerland for the Internet Governance Forum. IGF brings together policymakers, civil society and technologists to discuss key internet public policy issues. This year’s theme is Shape Your Digital Future and discussions will span net neutrality, online violence against women, cyber security, internet shutdowns and digital literacy.

If you’re attending, come say hi to our team! Adrian Lovett, our President & CEO and Nanjira Sambuli, our Digital Equality Advocacy Manager, will be there.  

Web Foundation at IGF

Digital inclusion for women: scaling up our efforts
(Monday, December 18 10:15-11:45)
Nanjira Sambuli (@NINanjirawill participate in a discussion about how we can bridge the digital gender gap. Find out more.

The impact of digitisation on politics, public trust, and democracy
(Tuesday, December 19, 10:00 – 13:00)
Nanjira will join a session to discuss the benefits and challenges that digital technologies pose for politics and democratic institutions – focusing particularly on its impact on public trust. Find out more.

Online freedom for all = No unfreedom for women – How do we solve this equation?
(Tuesday, December 19, 16:40 – 18:10)
Online violence poses a barrier to women and girls seeking to use the internet to improve their lives. Nanjira will participate in this workshop that will reflect upon how we can formulate new frameworks to create a gender-inclusive online space. Find out more.

IEEE Workshop: Internet Inclusion Solutions: Shaping the Digital Future
(Wednesday 20 December, 09.00-10:30)
Adrian Lovett (@AdrianLovett) will join this roundtable to discuss digital inclusion initiatives and share ideas about works and what doesn’t in the fight to make internet access available for everyone. Find out more. The Future of an open web
(Wednesday 20 December, 12:15-14:00)
Join us for a screening of, a short documentary about Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s vision for an open web, followed by a discussion about how we can fight to keep the web open. Lunch will be served. Sign up to attend.

Exploring implications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Societies and SDGs
(Thursday, December 21, 09:00 – 10:00)
Nanjira will join this Open Forum to discuss the implications of big data and artificial intelligence for building inclusive Knowledge Societies. Find out more.


The twelfth annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum will be held at the United Nations offices in Geneva, Switzerland, from 18 to 21 December 2017. For live updates throughout IGF follow us on Twitter at @AdrianLovett@NINanjira and @WebFoundation.

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