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Web Foundation backs US Coalition for Net Neutrality

Web Foundation · June 6, 2017

In May, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, Ajit Pai, proposed a set of reforms that include rolling back the US’s strong net neutrality provisions. Net neutrality is important because it means all the data packets that travel through the internet infrastructure are treated equally. It doesn’t matter if those data packets are part of an email message, a movie, or a political website. This protects freedom of speech online, helps entrepreneurs and enhances democracy.

If the FCC chooses to go ahead with its plans, it would grant large cable companies immense control over what we see and do online. A reversal of the net neutrality rules in place could render the FCC powerless to stop providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon from blocking or throttling websites, and imposing extra fees.

The FCC is consulting with all Americans on its proposed changes and we urge you to join the Battle for the Net on July 12th! Let’s tell the FCC we want them to keep their strong net neutrality rules in place!

In our pursuit of digital equality, we stand strongly in favour of net neutrality and everyone’s right to an open web. That’s why we’re taking a stand alongside companies and NGOs including Amazon, Reddit, Etsy, AccessNow, Public Knowledge and many others on July 12th for a Day of Action on Net Neutrality.

Our message on July 12th will be clear: net neutrality rules must stay! Together we can make sure that all of the people get access to all of the Internet, all of the time.  

Want to send a message to the FCC directly? Check out the portal too!
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