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Net Neutrality Means Guaranteeing Opportunity For Everyone

Web Foundation · March 31, 2017

Yesterday, White House Spokesperson Sean Spicer suggested that the Trump administration was planning to try and reverse net neutrality rules in the US.

Craig Fagan, Policy Director at the World Wide Web Foundation says:

“This administration has promised to drive economic progress for all and defend freedom of speech. Keeping strong net neutrality rules that preserve the internet as it should be – open, equal and for everyone – will be key to delivering on these promises.

“Congress and the FCC have a choice to make. Keeping net neutrality is a commitment towards offering today’s entrepreneurs the same opportunities the founders of Google or Paypal had, ensuring everyone can have a voice online, and guaranteeing that poorer or rural communities can enjoy the same quality of content as wealthy urban dwellers. Scrapping net neutrality rules would give big cable companies a green light to carve up the internet and pick winners and losers online based on who has the deepest pockets.

“In 2015, millions of Americans from across the political spectrum asked the FCC to put the interests of everyday people ahead of those of big cable – and the Commission listened and delivered strong net neutrality rules. And when this decision was taken to the judiciary, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit backed the FCC’s rules. Reopening this discussion would be a waste of time for lawmakers, and would go directly against President Trump’s promises to put the interests of ordinary Americans ahead of those of big business.”


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