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Time to Rewrite the UK’s Investigatory Powers Act

Web Foundation · December 21, 2016

Today, the Court of Justice of the EU has delivered a Judgment that could force the UK Government to re-write the controversial Investigatory Powers Act (IP Act) – more popularly known as the Snoopers Charter. The ruling will also have ramifications across Europe.

Commenting, Craig Fagan, Policy Director at the World Wide Web Foundation said:

“Bulk surveillance simply has no place in a modern democracy. We urge Parliament to take heed of this ruling – which was requested by a British court – and rewrite the Investigatory Powers Act. After more than 200,000 people signed a petition against the Act, it is clear that citizens want change.

“Collecting everyone’s browsing data as mandated by the IP Act is neither necessary nor proportionate – it tramples on our right to privacy and creates a honeypot of valuable information for criminals to attack.

“Other EU countries must also pay heed to the ruling. This is a clear signal from the Court that bulk data retention has no place in the EU, so similar laws being considered across the continent will have to be revised or scrapped.”

We congratulate Liberty, the Open Rights Group and Privacy International – the civil society organisations that led this challenge. Their detailed briefings and releases on this subject can be found at:

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