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Innovation Week: Exhibit opening, Toolkit building, Women’s Rights, UX design

Web Foundation · November 16, 2016

Data has been hailed as the greatest resource of the 21st century. In just a single week in November, we’ll be showing just how fundamental data is to modern society, and how many elements of our life it touches through a series of events celebrating innovation, learning and creativity. From a travelling photo exhibition, to an intensive innovation hack, to a forum on women’s rights online, there will be something for everyone! Read on to learn more about each event, where they’ll be, and how you can participate.


Data 2 Life. Life 2 Data exhibit opening

  • Exhibit Opening: 23 November 2016, 18:00 to 20:50
  • Exhibit Duration: 23 November to 6 December 2016
  • Venue: Goethehaus
  • Reservations: Visit our EventBrite page to reserve your ticket.

Data is everywhere – behind the mobile apps we use, our daily commute, and even the public buildings surrounding us. However, for most citizens, data is still an abstract concept—and it is difficult to understand how it affects day-to-day lives. Data2Life. Life2Data is a groundbreaking photo exhibition, which captures how data is reflected in the daily lives of Yogyakarta’s citizens, from clean water access to education, women’s empowerment, waste management and more. On the 23rd of November, this exhibit will open in Jakarta for the first time, following its success showings in Yogyakarta and Madrid. The exhibit will run for two weeks until the 6th of December at the Goethehaus. It is open to the public with free admission, and you don’t need a background in open data or technology to enjoy it!


Southeast Asia Open Data Innovation Week

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve followed (and played a part in driving) the tremendous growth in open data initiatives across Southeast Asia. We’ve noticed that there are still many challenges in designing effective, socially-impactful projects as many – both governments and civil society organisations – often become too engrossed in the outputs, focusing solely on the building of portals and platforms. To help address this, we’re organising the Southeast Asia Open Data Innovation Week. The event will gather innovators from across the Asia-Pacific region and together build tools, methods and approaches designed to improve the design, practice and implementation of open data initiatives. These tools will help with mapping the usability of datasets, better understanding the key stakeholders of projects and many more. The week consists of two parts: a closed-door workshop from the 22nd to the 24th, and a ‘public event’ on the evening of the 24th of November. Through the public event, we will showcase the tools created during the workshop, and learn more about the participants and the process of co-creation and iteration they went through. It will also act a space for building networks of people active in the wider innovation, tech and open data space. It is best suited for people with a working knowledge of open data.


Who participates? Who benefits? A Forum on Women and Their Rights Online

On the 25th of November, we’re hosting a forum on Women’s Rights Online. The forum is co-organised with ICT Watch, with the aim of bringing to the foreground the issue of gender gap in access to information, and opening dialogues for solutions to close this gap through digital inclusion and digital empowerment. We will draw upon the results of Web Foundation’s global study of Women’s Rights Online, particularly the case of Indonesia. The forum is particularly suited for international and local organisations, academics and journalists working on gender equality, human rights or related topics. Activists and advocates from the tech community and private sectors tackling women’s right and gender gaps in the digital space are also most welcome!


User Experience Design Course for Startups and Non-Profits

We will end the week with a User Experience (UX) Design training led by Cameron Grant, Senior UX Designer of Data61. The half-day crash course is designed to introduce participants to the exciting world of UX design. We hope to pique interest and develop skills together by exploring different research and user testing methods, looking into various design tools, and learning a number of practical design techniques. The training is suitable for beginners with no previous experience in UX design, but also open those who already have some knowledge in it. If these events interest you and you’d like to know more about the Jakarta Lab and our projects, visit the Lab’s website. You can also follow us on Twitter @ODLabJkt and regularly check our blog to get the latest updates from us. If you have any questions on any of the above happenings, contact us at We hope to see you at one – if not all – of the events!

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