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Photo: Flickr user Nawaz1983 (CC BY NC 2.0)

Photo: Flickr user Nawaz1983 (CC BY NC 2.0)

Web Foundation Nominated as an Internet Hero

Web Foundation · July 6, 2016

We’re proud to announce that the Web Foundation has been nominated as an ‘Internet Hero‘ by the UK’s Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA).  Designed to recognise individuals or organisations for “promoting, developing or defending the interests of the Internet industry in the past year”, this award is given annually. Last year, David Davis & Tom Watson – both British MPs – received the award for their work in protecting internet privacy in the UK. This year, we’ve been nominated for “working to extend the basic right of connectivity to the 60% of the global population unable to connect to the internet and enjoy the myriad benefits of internet access”. We are up against an impressive shortlist which includes Apple (for their stance on encryption and consumer privacy), Nicola Blackwood MP (for her work chairing a committee scrutinising the draft Investigatory Powers Bill) and Andrew Ferguson (Editor of TalkBroadband, a valuable consumer resource).

Tomorrow – Thursday 7 July is the big day – our Board Director Alex Johnston will be attending the awards ceremony in London to find out if we take home the prize.  Stay tuned! And if you already think we’re heroes – no need to wait – please consider supporting us, or taking action to protect and enhance the Web.


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  1. Kiapi K Fredddie

    July 8, 2016

    Congrats @UgCommonwealth we are happy to be associated with the WWW movement here in Uganda


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