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Openness: Time for the UK Government to Walk the Talk

Web Foundation · June 11, 2015

Today sees the release of a landmark report into the UK’s surveillance regime, by David Anderson QC. Here, the World Wide Web Foundation, which was established by Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, provides an initial response:

Renata Avila, Campaign Manager at the World Wide Web Foundation said:

“Anderson’s report pulls no punches. It confirms what we – and many others – have been saying for some time, that the current UK surveillance regime is ‘undemocratic’ and ‘intolerable’. While some of the report’s findings need further debate, we welcome the call for a ‘clean slate’ and a full rewrite of surveillance law. The recommendation for strong judicial oversight, mention of binding international and European Human Rights standards, and acknowledgement of the important role of encryption are all to be applauded.   

“However, this new legislation cannot be developed in a vacuum. Britain is a founding member of the Open Government Partnership, and David Cameron said last month that ‘Britain is characterised…above all by its openness’. It’s now time for the British government to walk the talk. Rather than rush through new legislation, let’s see a full and frank public debate and consultation process as we develop this new paradigm. The spirit of openness must be carried through into a truly open and accountable oversight regime”


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