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Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Net Neutrality is Critical for Europe’s Future

Web Foundation · February 3, 2015

In late 2014, our founder, Sir Tim Berners-Lee travelled to Brussels to meet with European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip. They exchanged ideas about a number of topics, including Net Neutrality in the EU. As a result, Sir Tim has penned a guest blog for VP Ansip’s official Commission page, in which he says “citizens and business in the EU need net neutrality now, before online discrimination becomes the norm.” In an introduction to the blog post, VP Ansip says: “Sir Tim makes important and valid points on the issue of net neutrality and the need for establishing European rules so that it remains protected.”

You can read the full blog post on the EC site at this link: We urge you to send a tweet to the Latvian presidency (@eu2015lv) to call for Net Neutrality to be enshrined in law across the EU.

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