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Web Foundation · November 20, 2014

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A data revolution for development: From debate to action

We’re excited to let you know about a new interactive workshop on the role a ‘data revolution’ can play in international development goals, taking place on Monday 24th November at 6pm-9pm GMT. Speaking at the event will be Claire Melamed, the author of a report by the UN’s Independent Expert Panel on the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development.

The World Wide Web Foundation, the ONE Campaign, Publish What You Fund, Open Data Watch and partners, have joined together to set up an international day of big ideas, open discussion, and action. Parallel sessions will be taking place in hubs at:

  • London at Mozilla’s office
  • Washington at the OpenGov Hub
  • Boston at the Berkman Center
  • and will be livestreamed, so you can take part wherever you are.

The report by Claire Melamed to the UN Secretary General sets out a vision of the role a ‘data revolution’ should play in the delivery of the upcoming sustainable development goals.

The panel focussed in on the potential of data innovations through big data, and the need to increase capacity in national statistical agencies, whilst also addressing the importance of an ‘open by default’ approach, and respecting privacy.

The drafting of the report has catalysed much discussion over what the data revolution should look like, and whilst the report is now out, the challenge of shaping how better data practices can deliver on sustainable development is just beginning.

The sessions will provide a friendly space to brainstorm your visions of the data revolution – and ask whether there are aspects not currently captured in the discussion. We will be looking to you to develop new ideas, and to ask questions directly to the report’s author.

You can tune in on the World Wide Web Foundation’s website here, and get tweeting and asking questions using the hashtag #datarev.

If you want any further information or wish to attend one of the sessions in person, please email us at:

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