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Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s keynote speech at NETmundial

Web Foundation · April 24, 2014

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web and founder of the World Wide Web Foundation, has spoken at NETmundial alongside H.E. Dilma Rouseff – the President of Brazil, Vint Cerf, Wu Hongbo, the UN Under-Secretary-General, and the World Wide Web Foundation’s Nnenna Nwakanma.

During his speech, Sir Tim addressed a range of internet governance issues and argued that the Web has become an essential public utility. He said that:

‘The Web we will have in 25 years time is by no means clear, but is completely up to us to decide what we want to make that web, make that world. That is why I am asking web users around the world – not just us in this conference room today – to define a global Magna Carta for the internet. That’s why I am asking countries everywhere to follow Brazil’s example and develop positive laws that protect and expand the rights of users to an open, free and universal Web.’

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  1. John beatty

    October 4, 2014

    Very interested in Tim's words


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