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Nnenna Nwakanma Joins Web Foundation

Web Foundation · November 1, 2013

Today, we’re pleased to welcome Nnenna Nwakanma to the Web Foundation team. Nnenna joins us as Regional Coordinator for Africa. She is an experienced development professional who has worked in the ICT field in Africa for over a decade. In recent years, she co-founded The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa and served as a board member of the Open Source Initiative. She has worked closely with a range of civil society organisations, the African Development Bank, the Digital Solidarity Fund and has worked on the UN’s Africa Information Society Initiative. Last week, she was invited to speak  to over 2000 participants from 111 countries at the opening ceremonies of the Internet Governance Forum in Bali on behalf of civil society. Nnenna has lived in five different African countries, speaks English and French, as well as three other African languages.

Welcome Nnenna!

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