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Lead the World on Internet Rights, Web Inventor urges Brazil

Web Foundation · May 16, 2013

 Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web Foundation, addressed a press conference on 16 May 2013 at the WWW Conference in Rio de Janeiro. Berners-Lee used his address to state his support for the Marco Civil da Internet, (Marco Civil) a landmark draft Bill in Brazil that many have called ‘a Constitution for the Internet’.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee said:

“With Marco Civil, Brazil is on the brink of a remarkable achievement. Passing this legislation without further delay or amendment would be a historic step – not just for Brazil but for the world – in securing a Web which is free, open and truly serves humanity. It would cement Brazil’s reputation as a world leader on democracy and social progress and would throw down the gauntlet to other countries to frame online rights in a positive fashion. 

“This draft Bill preserves the Internet as it should be: an open and decentralized network, in which users are the engine for collaboration and innovation. Commendably, the Bill has among its foundations the guarantee of human rights, of citizenship and the preservation of the diversity and the social purpose of the web.” 


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