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Publishing 3 Reports On Mobile Data Collection

Max Froumentin · January 14, 2013

We are happy to publish the third and final report of our research project “Mobile Data Collection Opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa“. The project ran through 2012 and was funded by France-Telecom Orange.

For this project, we conducted an in-depth analysis of mobile-enabled data-collection in Africa covering all aspects of the process: tools, actors, activities, business models, etc. The three reports are:

  • Actors and Use Cases , outlining fundamental constituents of any data collection activity, while identifying the key actors, tasks, use cases and requirements that form part of it.
  • Multi-Channel Data Collection for Social and Economic Development , revisiting the panorama of tools available, and exploring new trends relating to issues previously outlined in our research.
  • Mobile Data Collection in Africa , summarizing the findings of this project. Drawing from the study that led to the previous two reports, as well as interviews conducted with major actors in the field, it presents the final conclusions of the project.

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