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Mobile Platform Gives Voice To Citizen Reporting On Ghana’s Election

Web Foundation · December 7, 2012

The Web Foundation has partnered with Al Jazeera Network to launch a mobile-voice channel to generate crowd-sourced news on the recent presidential election in Ghana. Hosted by Kirusa, the platform was able to receive calls from various network subscribers in the country. Airtel Ghana has provided a toll-free number for their subscribers (local charges apply for other networks).

Ahead of this service deployment, Sir Tim Berners-Lee spoke with Al Jazeera’s Sophie Sportiche on Internet connectivity and its future in the unwired world. 

Throughout the day, Ghanaian citizens and citizen reporters from Penplusbytes ETV Ghana , the Institute of Media Practice and CODEO have been calling the service to submit their audio reports. Among the main issues concerning voters this election are job creation, tackling corruption and free secondary education.

Some reports on citizen concerns and reaction can be found below.  Al Jazeera has more reports, including audio, on these and other topics.

On the Economy

Julius from the Central Region feels that the government hasn’t done enough to tackle the problem.

Razak from the Upper East region believes that resources are distributed inequitably and that there are not enough job opportunities.

On Education

Kwadjwo, a teacher from the country’s Eastern region, says that people are “yearning” for an educational system available to all.

On Corruption

Sam from the Western Region feels that corruption remains a major issue and is something the new government, regardless of party affiliation, needs to tackle in 2013.



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  1. Angela F. Roman

    January 15, 2013

    In addition, the representative of Tunisia proposed that the regional commissions include, in their next reports, an assessment of youth unemployment policies and recommendations on how national policies could better respond to the jobs crisis.


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