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Announcing MY World: A Global Survey for Citizens

Web Foundation · December 21, 2012

We are excited to announce our partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, the UN Millennium Campaign, and the Overseas Development Institute to put in place an innovative global survey, known as MY World, to drive global citizen participation in the post-2015 process telling us the changes that would make the most difference to their lives.

MY World is an options survey which, through creative online and offline methods, allows people across the world to tell the United Nations, and in particular the Secretary General’s High Level Panel, the most important issues they would like the post-2015 agenda to address.

It asks individuals which six of sixteen possible issues they think would make the most difference to their lives. The sixteen issues have been built up from the priorities expressed by poor people in existing research and polling exercises, and from the ongoing technical and political discussions about possible future goals. They cover the existing MDGs, plus issues of sustainability, security, governance and transparency.

The MY World survey can be accessed through THREE main channels:

  • Online: at in the six UN official languages and through social media;
  • Mobile phone technologies (available from January 2013): via SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) through toll-free phone numbers; and
  • Offline (available from December 2012): in paper form by way of a ballot – distributed through a network of grass roots organizations, faith communities, youth groups, private sector bodies and NGO partners around the world.

More information and details on how to cast your vote can be found at . Please be sure to share the word with your networks to ensure a truly global response.

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