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Sir Tim Berners-Lee Joins Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Others To Open the Web Platform

Web Foundation · October 9, 2012

Berners-Lee joined in announcing the launch of Web Platform Docs, a community of web developers dedicated to sharing resources and knowledge to fill an existing gap in education and support for anyone working in HTML5. The community aims to connect developers and researchers to drive innovation and share broadly across a range of topics in developing a more Open Web.

He says of the project: People in the web community — including browser makers, authoring tool makers, and leading edge developers and designers — have tremendous experience and practical knowledge about the web. Web Platform Docs is an ambitious project where all of us who are passionate about the web can share knowledge and help one another.


Web Platform Docs is a new community-driven site that aims to become a comprehensive and authoritative source for web developer documentation. Even though Web Platform Docs is still in alpha, you can already find lots of valuable content on the site, including information on:

  • How to use features of the open web, with syntax and examples
  • What platforms and devices you can use various technologies on
  • What is the current standardization, stability and implementation status of each technology specification


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  1. Bety

    October 19, 2012

    Muy buena iniciativa y apoyo mucho la idea de compartir información en la web, pero como sugerencia es que abrieran la opción de otros idiomas para ver .Por su atención muchas gracias.


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