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Announcing new research project: Mobile Data Collection Opportunities in sub Saharan Africa

Aman Grewal · July 11, 2012

We are pleased to announce a new research project: Mobile Data Collection Opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa . The Web Foundation has been involved in the mobile data collection space since 2010 when it engaged in conducting a study on the state of the art in multi-channel data collection. As an extension to our mobile data collection project, the foundation is carrying out this study to better understand the landscape of Mobile Data Collection activities and opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa.

We will conduct this research in cooperation with France Telecom-Orange. International development in Africa is a strong priority for Orange and it places socio-economic development at the heart of its strategy in emerging countries.

This new research aims to identify the actors in sub Saharan Africa (governments, international organizations, NGOs, businesses, etc.) either engaged or in need of data collection. The study is divided into two phases:

• the first phase will identify categories of actors linked with the data collection activities (one-time or recurring), the context and constraints. This phase will also identify the tools that currently exist.

• the second phase will include the analysis of the adequacy of current tools and needs and identify specific issues linked to the use of data collection in Open Data initiatives.

We aim to share with you key findings of the research and identify opportunities leading to the development and deployment of an integrated set of innovative solution(s) or service(s).

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  1. Zayako Infotech

    February 13, 2013

    What is the role of NGOs in this research? Please tell me about this.


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