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Mobile Web Ghana Announces Opening of Lab

Web Foundation · April 9, 2012

(from Florence Toffa, manager of MWG)

Mobile penetration and the demand for mobile services and value added services is increasingly growing in Ghana. After almost two years of operating Mobile Web Ghana activities at various locations, we’ve recently secured a single home-base where we can convene, nurture and incubate the various mobile apps ideas that are generated during (and outside of) our training programs.

In March 2012, we finally established our fixed-location mobile application lab in Ghana, mLab, and are very excited to announce this development. The MLab centre will be a central meeting point for us to:

  • Conduct our regular mobile entrepreneurship training programs
  • Organize regular monthly mobile events and meetings
  • Incubate our mobile entrepreneurs, nurture projects and grow ideas
  • Hold meetings with investors and entrepreneurs
  • Nurture mobile innovation and creativity and launch new products
  • Host regular forums for mentors and entrepreneurs
  • Direct potential clients with application development requests to mobile entrepreneurs

Because we aim to be a convening force for the whole community of Ghanaian mobile enthusiasts, we will also provide events for others in the broader community to take advantage of our space. Reiterating our grassroots approach to developing entrepreneurialism in Ghana and beyond, by gathering a density of ideas from the entire community, we’ll be better equipped to foster innovation and enthusiasm, and put Ghana on the map of African mobile innovation centers.

Jump over to Mobile Web Ghana’s website for more information, including pictures of the new space, and see what some of our recent training attendees have been up to.

Are you in Ghana? Do you have a mobile idea? Come to our office and we will assist you in translating your idea into a reality.

More information, including pictures, is available on the Mobile Web Ghana website.

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