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Farmerline Wins Mobile Web Ghana’s App Competition

Max Froumentin · March 22, 2012

Mobile Web Ghana is pleased to announce the results of its mobile Web applications competition, held at the end of each training session. At the conclusion of the most recent training, Farmerline, an agricultural information system, was selected as winner and the team behind it was awarded $600 to pursue its path towards turning the application into a commercial product.
Farmerline is designed to provide farmers and investors in the agricultural sector various information to improve productivity and maximize income. Farmers using the system can receive SMS messages with advice related to their crops. They also have the option to call an automated helpline, run by an interactive voice response system, that provides answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, farmers can use their phones to access market prices, and buyers can also retrieve information on the crops available. The application also recently finished third in the Apps4Africa challenge held by  the US Department of State, as well as  featured on TED.

Farmerline competed against five other applications. The runner up, which was awarded $300, is iKwery, a web and SMS application for storing and sharing digital business cards.

The other four applications are no less innovative and interesting, and deserve mention as well. They are, in no particular order:

  • The Adaptive Computerized Identification Verification System (ACIVS) Project: a framework designed to provide an instant and convenient means of verifying the validity of IDs via SMS, voice, or mobile web services.
  • mBackup: a mobile application that lets users backup their contacts to a remote server to provide easy access to this essential information in case of damage to or loss of their phone.
  • WatzMaTime: an SMS application that lets students check class and exams schedules, and allows lecturers to send updates to students whenever there is a change.
  • Twaskr: a mobile platform that allows users to create, manage and share calendar activities with other users. Users can also receive announcement of activities going on in their geographical area. The application also lets them buy and send virtual goods.

Mobile Web Ghana is excited about the innovative projects that were presented, and wishes to show appreciation for the enthusiasm, perseverance, expertise and hard work of each of the teams behind the projects. MWG will continue following their endeavours, helping them find funding, providing them with technical advice, and continue to help foster meetings with potential partners.

If you would like to know more about these applications, the people behind them, and Mobile Web Ghana’s mobile entrepreneurship program, please contact Florence Toffa (ftoffa-at-webfoundation-dot-org)

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